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Alpine R2-S653

Alpine R2-S653

SKU: R2-S653

Your entry to high-res audio

Alpine's Next-Generation R-Series Pro 3-way component speaker system harnesses trickle-down technology from their famed F#1 Status line to deliver a full-bodied, six-speaker experience that's high-res capable. Play your high-resolution music files with confidence, knowing that the ultra-wide frequency response of the included woofers, midrange drivers, and tweeters will provide the detailed, authentic sound you're looking for. 


Minimal distortion

Alpine optimizes their R2-S653 6-1/2" 3-way component speaker system for near-perfect sound from premium sources. The woofer and midrange combine a highly rigid aluminum frame and a lightweight glass-fiber reinforced cone to keep the sound clean. The high-amplitude multi-roll surrounds of these drivers maximize impact while maintaining linearity, so you'll get a punch with minimal distortion. And speaking of a little more punch, the woofer's ferrite magnet and large motor structure will pump up the mid-bass in your music.


Loud and fun

All the exquisite detail you need is handled by the 1" magnesium hard dome tweeters, which contribute to the "loud and fun" sound associated with Alpine's R-Series. Because tweeters can be challenging to install, Alpine provides threaded removable housing and a swivel-mount design to ensure you have what you need to make them sound their best.

These speakers make a great addition to any high-powered system, thanks to power-handling up to 100 watts RMS. Hook ‘em up and play ‘em loud!

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