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Hertz ML 2500.3

Hertz ML 2500.3

SKU: ML2500.3

Made to excel

When Hertz began producing car speakers in 1979, their aim was to create speakers that take your music to the next level. They developed the Mille Series using tough, high-quality materials and advanced design to bring you the best in sound reproduction. Their ML 2500.3 10" subwoofer offers extreme power handling capabilities to help you build a system with truly huge bass, and it's designed for smaller enclosures so you get more installation options.


Designed for high fidelity

The ML 2500.3 features the technically advanced V-cone®, which keeps its shape even at high volume levels to minimize distortion. The pressed pulp of the cone is combined with mineral powders for additional rigidity, while the rubber surround keeps things under control. The sub's aluminum alloy frame is designed to minimize resonance so it'll produce rich, clear bass while handling tremendous amounts of power. 


Power handling to spare

With 700 watts of continuous power handling (1400 watts peak), the ML 2500.3 will produce enough low end to satisfy even the most demanding listener. This sub is designed for use in compact sealed enclosures so you'll get maximum bass from your space. If you're ready to rumble, this sub will give you all the bass you can handle. 

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