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Hertz MLK 165.3

Hertz MLK 165.3

SKU: MLK165.3

The stuff of LEGEND

Is perfect sound possible in the car? Hertz strives to achieve it with their Mille LEGEND Series MLK 165.3 component speaker system. This set of two woofers, two tweeters, and two versatile external crossovers prioritizes premium sound, utilizing the very best technology and materials Hertz has to offer.


Premium Hertz technology

An aluminum alloy speaker basket with built-in venting provides a solid, smart foundation for impressive performance from the 6-1/2" woofer. Hertz employs a "Boundary Free" rubber surround with its enhanced pressed pulp and cotton fiber woofer to move more air with accuracy. The woofer's V-cone design improves dispersion and helps provide lows you can feel. Superior damping is also key to the sound of these speakers — minimized resonance reduces distortion for a truer-to-life sound driven by up to 150 watts RMS of power.


Premium components

The premium components of this crossover system contribute to the impressive low-frequency response of the woofer and to a smooth transition to the stunning work of the Tetolon dome tweeter. Hertz builds helpful tools into their deluxe external crossover system which include tweeter level adjustment and “Hi-Contour” adjustment which allows you to select the tweeter's high-pass crossover point, depending on tweeter distance and positioning.


The Hertz philosophy

Hertz believes that a good speaker should reveal the emotional power of the music you love. That's a high bar, but with their commitment to using premium components and boundary-pushing design, they're more than up to challenge. Comprised of music lovers, Hertz is committed to optimizing your car's sound system for total audio enjoyment.

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