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Hertz HTX 8 M-CL-C

Hertz HTX 8 M-CL-C

SKU: htx8mclc

(Price Per Pod)  Are you ready to enjoy your favorite track at high output level during your daily water ski session? Hertz Marine Towers will make your sport and leisure outings unforgettable, thanks to impressive audio performance and cool color lighting.

The solid 316-Stainless steel clamp mounting is ideal for Round or Square profile pipe applications where sound needs to be easily oriented and quickly released.

This is possible thanks to Q-OS² (Quick Orientation & Release for Sound & Safety) patent pending technology.

“Adjustable logo” allows for several tower positioning without affecting the correct Hertz logo orientation. Front and rear logo can be oriented within 64 steps.

  • Specifications

    Power Handling - Peak W 200
    Power Handling - Continuous W 100
    Impedance Ω 4
    Frequency response Hz 45 ÷ 25k
    Sensitivity dB SPL 91
    Woofer size mm (in.) 200 (8)
    Tweeter size mm (in.) 36 (1.4)
    Woofer Voice Coil Ø mm (in.) 32 (1.26)
    Tweeter voice coil Ø mm (in.) 20 (0.8)
    Woofer magnet High density flux ferrite
    Tweeter magnet Neodymium
    Woofer cone Polypropylene with UV inhibitors
    Tweeter dome PEI
  • Features

    1. Hertz Pure Marine Certified Product stamp featuring the IP65 protection grade, ASTM-D4329 standards for UV resistance and ASTM-B117 for salt fog operability.

    2. Equipped with dedicated 8” coaxial speaker featuring a long-throw 32 mm (1.26”) voice coil woofer with polypropylene cone injected with UV inhibitors and 1.4” Neodymium magnet tweeter.

    3. RGB led lighting creates sophisticated atmosphere, adding tons of class to your vessel. Front RGB lighting is included built-in the front grille, while rear RGB lighting is an add-on with the specifically developed HTX RGB LOGO.1 accessory (available both in black and white color).

    4. Q-OS² (Quick Orientation & Release for Sound & Safety) technology.

    - Durability thanks to the solid 316 Stainless Steel construction;

    - Tower can be quickly oriented within 18 steps (20° each) along horizontal axis for best sound projection and diffusion over the listening area;

    - Quick Mechanical/Electrical release for security/anti-theft and cleaning;

    - Multi-pole high current connection self-contained into the clamp structure;

    - Clamp structure includes rubber inserts for vibrations damping and fits both round roll-bar [38 mm, 76 mm (1-1/2” to 3”)] and square roll-bar or roof mounting by detaching clamp basement upper part. Optional fitting accessories available for major OEM brands.

    5. “Adjustable logo” allows for several tower positioning without affecting the correct Hertz logo orientation. Front and rear logo can be oriented within 64 steps.

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