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Memphis VIV 900.5

Memphis VIV 900.5

SKU: viv900.5

VIV SixFive Series amplifiers boast big power and acoustically accurate performance wrapped in a beautiful anodized brushed aluminum package.  The single sided wire terminals make running a clean install simple and adjusting the amp has never been easier thanks to the top mounted magnetic door covering the precision DSP control panel. SixFive Series amplifiers are built on a relatively compact chasis given their impressive powerhandling making locating a sutible mounting location simple.


  • Specs

    RMS POWER 4Ω (w) 75 x 4 + 300 x 1
    RMS POWER 2Ω (w) 100 x 4 + 500 x 1
    RMS POWER 1Ω (w)- -
    Bridged/Mono Power 4Ω (w) 200 x 2+ 500 x 1 (@2Ω)
    THD% 4Ω <1%
    Frequency Response

    10Hz-20kHz / 10Hz-200Hz

    Dimensions L x W x H (in) 12.4 x 8.4 x 2.2
    Warranty (years) 2 Y
    Input Range 220mV - 10.3V
    Recommended Amp Kit 4GKIT
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