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Memphis MXA850.5M

Memphis MXA850.5M

SKU: MXA850.5

Memphis Xtreme Audio amplifiers are water and element resistant and designed for use in the harshest conditions. Whether you need power to kick sound from a wake tower or want to keep the party going at the dunes, these amplifiers are engineered to withstand anything you throw at them.

  • Features

    • Water and element resistant conformal coated circuit board
    • Efficient class D design
    • Variable bass boost (MXA600.1M & MXA850.5M)
    • Remote level control included (MXA600.1M)
    • Cabin/tower/sub 3 channel remote included MXA850.5
    • Subsonic filter
    • Bright blue Memphis LED accent strip
    • Waterproof control cover 
  • Specifications

    RMS POWER 4Ω (w) 60 x 4 + 175 x 1
    RMS POWER 2Ω (w) 100 x 4 + 300 x 1
    RMS POWER 1Ω (w) 450 x 1
    Bridged/Mono Power 4Ω (w) 200 x 2 + N/A
    THD% 4Ω <1%
    Frequency Response 10Hz - 45kHz 
    Dimensions L x W x H 13.4 x 6.10 x 2.16
    Warranty (years) 2 Year
    Input Range 110mV - 8V
    Recommended Amp Kit


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