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Pioneer AVH-3500NEX

Pioneer AVH-3500NEX

SKU: avh3500nex

When space is limited

Who doesn't want a touchscreen receiver? I can tell you that I wouldn't want anything else in my car. A touchscreen receiver like the Pioneer AVH-3500NEX DVD receiver puts everything you love in a cutting-edge DVD receiver into a DIN (2" tall) dash opening, including nearly seamless integration with my phone, providing easy access to navigation, music, podcasts, contacts, and more. And best of all, the motorized screen folds away when not in use. 


Smartphone compatibility

This Pioneer spreads the love to both iPhone® and Android™ users, offering compatibility with cutting-edge interfaces that keep you connected and entertained when you're on the highway. 

  • Apple CarPlay — CarPlay is an iOS user's dream. Plug in your iPhone and you'll access a super user-friendly iOS styled interface with voice control that lets you quickly jump into your music, podcasts, messages, streaming music, and more. CarPlay's a no-brainer for me — it's the safest and easiest way to use your iPhone in the car, hands down.

  • Android Auto™ — Your media, nav, phone, apps, and more are organized in a simple, clean interface with voice control that gives Android users an easy way to hit the road.

  • WebLink® — WebLink makes it easy to access and display YouTube and other popular apps through a simple USB connection.


"This Pioneer puts everything you love in a cutting-edge DVD receiver into a DIN dash opening."

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