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RA 251 D

RA 251 D




Ultra-compact D Class mono amplifier
Compatible with OEM head units

Very easy to install and compatible with all the original car radios this ultra-compact amplifier allows you to add a subwoofer to your installation for an incomparable listening comfort. Even while maintaining a reasonable level of listening, the sound will take on more depth and your travels will be transformed into a pure moment of pleasure …





High-level inputs with auto-turn on
RCA low-level inputs: 0.3 V/15 V
Power (4 Ω): 150 Watts RMS
Power (2 Ω): 250 Watts RMS
Low-pass crossover: 35 Hz — 500Hz
Bass boost adjustable +12 dB (45 Hz)
Signal/noise ratio: 90 dB
Protections: short circuit / low impedance / reversal of polarity / heat protection
External wired remote control
Dimensions (L x H x W) : 6.2″ × 1.4″ x 3.6″ — 158 mm x 36 mm x 91.4 mm

Supplied accessories:
Mounting screws
User’s manual

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