Sony XAV-AX150

Sony XAV-AX150

SKU: xav-ax150

6.95-inch Apple CarPlay / Android Auto™ Media Receiver



Looking to add Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to your ride? Sony's XAV-AX150 digital multimedia receiver lets you do it reliably and at a competitive price. I've always been a Sony fan for their streamlined approach to stereos, and with built-in Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™, operation gets even more convenient.


Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™

Take your iPhone® experience in the car to the next level with a seamless interface to access your music library, phone, messages, navigation, and more. Plus, Siri®-powered voice control makes operation even more convenient in the car. Android users can access similar features with Android Auto and voice-controlled Google Assistant.


Built-in Bluetooth® and more

Of course, Sony gives you Bluetooth as well. Use it to make or receive hands-free phone calls via your smartphone with the included microphone, or stream music from your phone with ease.

You can use the rear USB input to attach your smartphone for use with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, or you can connect a thumb drive with your favorite music, video files, and even lossless FLAC files for a more fulfilling sound. Sony also includes a rear-view camera input and distance guidance display to make the XAV-AX150 your perfect command center.


Enhance your sound

Sony provides a 10-band graphic EQ, plus a special set of sound-sculpting tools to help you dial in the sound you've always wanted in the car. Use this stereo's Dynamic Stage Organizer (DSO) to adjust the width and height of your soundstage. This improves the stereo positioning so music sounds like it's coming from the dashboard in front of you. And when you activate ExtraBass, the XAV-AX150 minimizes distortion at all volume levels by automatically adjusting frequency and gain to their optimal positions. You'll hear an instant, gratifying, low-end boost.