SoundSkins Rings v3

SoundSkins Rings v3


The Ring Thing...

SoundSkins Car Speaker Foam Rings are designed to make car speaker installs perform to their full potential with loss-less sound.

SoundSkins Foam Speaker Rings seal your car speakers against the mounting plates and the interior door panels. This directs sound into the cabin and reduces sound lost in all door cavities.

The v3 Foam Speaker Rings will fit ALL size speakers, from 6x9" down to 1", all this in just the one kit.

This Speaker Foam Rings Kit includes enough product to do FOUR any size speakers!!

Versatile Application

SoundSkins v3 Sound Rings are stackable, this truly gives you more depth. Also allows rings to be applied to the face of the speaker directly, around the speaker edge, behind speaker mounting plate and mounted to the interior panels. This is a truly versatile kit.


Designed to Last..

Other brands use open cell foam to manufacture their speaker rings, this type of foam holds water & eventually falls off. SoundSkins foam is composed from a special blend of butyl rubber which makes it waterproof.

Our speaker rings also feature 3M high level adhesive. This results in fast, easy application that adheres to any surface, including our SoundSkins Pro dampener.