Waylens Secure360 4G

Waylens Secure360 4G

SKU: Secure 360 4GDW

Keep watch from your phone

Don't sweat your spot. If you have a bad feeling about where you parked your car, Waylens Secure 360 4G dash cam gives you a convenient way to keep an eye on your vehicle. This award-winning Secure360 camera mounts on your windshield, and thanks to 4G capability and monthly subscription to Waylens' data plan, you can review any 360° video footage this cam captures. With location tracking and an instantly accessible, unlimited view of what's in front of you, beside you, and who's behind the wheel, this camera is a true stress-reliever, especially if you own a fleet of vehicles or have a new driver in the family.


Incident detection

Waylens' built-in shock sensor means that anything from a slight bump to a serious accident will wake the Secure360 to keep an eye on whoever is mistreating your vehicle. You'll receive an alert and be able to view video uploaded to Waylens Cloud Storage.


Theft deterrence

If a shady character approaches your vehicle, the Secure360 is on alert and will flash a light to let them know it's watching.


A complete presentation

Built-in GPS geotags your video and audio for a more accurate presentation of an incident, and multiple view capability captures what was going on behind the wheel in addition to the road ahead.

Impressive quality


The Secure360 not only sports an incredible field of view, it also features HD video enhanced with HDR for crisp imaging day or night. Waylens has also engineered this dash cam to manage power efficiently when your vehicle is unattended, so it can monitor up to 15 days without you starting your car — a great option for long-term parking during your next big trip.


Service subscription required

In order to access the Secure360's live video remotely from your smartphone and to back up events to the cloud, you'll need to subscribe to Waylen's 4G data plan. For more information on network information and subscripltion plans, click the Details tab above.


Note: Some wiring is required for permanent installation.